Eco travel
in the Heel of Italy.

Itineraries for curious travellers inspired by Salento, the easternmost part of Italy and the heart of the Mediterranean. Puglia Eco Travel’s tours are ecological, seasonal, slow, meditative, full of old and new stories that capture the spirit of the place. You’ll follow paths that wind among villages, ancient tracks and old ‘masserie’ with new life breathed into them.

How come

Puglia Eco Travel is a network of travel companies who particularly focus on sustainability. The idea originated with the creators of Ecofesta Puglia® who transform organized events into environmentally friendly ones. Puglia Eco Travel includes a tour operator on two wheels and nine companies that practice natural, organic and synergistic agriculture. They all share the same ideals: to showcase ecology, recreation and sport, and natural foods.

Seasonal travel

Puglia Eco Travel lavora tutto l’anno: autunno, inverno, primavera, estate. Ogni stagione ha il suo tour distinto per clima, paesaggi, storie, eventi e quindi umori, profumi, suggestioni e, naturalmente, sapori. Le nostre aziende agricole offrono solo prodotti di stagione, naturali e a kilometro zero.

Events and festivals

Salento is famous for its abundance of local cultural events and festivals. Our tours will include those that we have ascertained are most respectful of the environment and the local culture. Our close partnership with Ecofesta Puglia means we have a large calendar of “ecological” events that we’d be delighted to invite you to.


Care of body and spirit. Puglia Eco Travel tours are all about travelling consciously, slowly, but in an active and natural way. Puglia Eco Travel’s outdoor activities include: bike rides and bicycle tours, walking and hiking, horse riding, yoga, water sports (sailing, canoeing, kite surfing), and outdoor climbing. We also offer holistic experiences including gong baths, Tibetan bells, bio-dance, massagesand meditation. Finally, you will appreciate the healthy, organic food offered by the local producers who form part of our network.