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4 days and 3 nights

A journey for children and teenagers in middle and high schools that revolves around the concepts of health, nutrition, environmental protection and natural resources. We’ll discuss the future of the planet, the urgency of interventions to combat climate change, the importance of biodiversity and the role of agriculture in the upcoming global scenario.

We will take a very practical approach, with many workshop activities. The kids will be accompanied by an ‘eco-chaperone’, who will have the responsibility of training students and teachers alike. The route will include visits to farms that are already operating in compliance with environmental sustainability.

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DAY 1 – Zollino, Melpignano, Cutrofiano, Supersano

Morning: Arrival and settling in to the accommodation; visit to the composting plant in Melpignano; meeting with the eco-chaperone who will guide the children throughout the trip.

Afternoon: visit to Mariangela and Antonio’s cheese producing farm at Cutrofiano to taste cheeses and see how they are made. Then a visit to an olive oil press in the heart of the Salento countryside, to taste bread, oil, pittule and other delicacies.

Evening: Dinner of natural vegan dishes, prepared with products from the company’s organic garden.

DAY 2 – Nardò, Tuglie

Morning: Nardò’s farms and natural surroundings feature expanses of secular olive trees, salt marshes, natural parks, woods and Mediterranean scrub. The day will be dedicated to nature, with a sensory journey and workshops. Picnic lunch.

Afternoon: We’ll continue on to Tuglie, to visit the didactic garden of ancient plants and seeds. The kids will join in gardening activities and learn about wild herbs.

Evening: dinner at the Museum of Rural Culture.

DAY 3 – Serrano, Tiggiano

Morning: Departure for Serrano, where we will visit a farm, vegetable garden, vineyard and an aromatic herbs garden, followed by a homemade pasta workshop with Francesca, and lunch made with the natural products grown there.

Afternoon: on to Tiggiano for a workshop on biodiversity, bees and honey.

Evening: Another organic products dinner before returning to our accommodation.


Tree planting in the children’s wood.