Fattizze campeggio
from 15,00  / per person

Camping in the woods, five minutes from the sea




min. 2 nights


italian, english, spanish


Couples, Families, Groups

Group Size

Up to min. 2 persons


Pet friendly (max 10 kg), Vegetarian and vegan friendly


Recycling Organic Fraction Recovery

The Esperience you'll live

What better way to experience nature than by sleeping under a pine forest, with the hypnotic chirping of cicadas in the background, a stone’s throw from the sea and a nature reserve? The spot we have chosen is not simply a place to pitch tents, but a location with a soul and an identity. Here you can meet with people from all over the world, walk among the vegetable gardens, or among olive trees, carob trees, and several varieties of oaks. The family living nearby, who have set this all up, know how to welcome and entertain you, as well as ensure you sleep peacefully. Booking necessary, and according to availability.

At this experience you will find:

  • Solar hot water system;
  • The sorting of materials for recycling;
  • Reduced light pollution;
  • Plastic free;
  • Swimming pool constructed from a reclaimed antique enclosure;
  • Organic waste separated for use in the chicken coop, and manure from the chickens used in worm composting; 
  • Drinks on tap rather than bottled;
  • The use of compostable or re-usable crockery;
  • Food mainly vegetarian/vegan;
  • Food is home produced or from a local network of growers;
  • Cultivation of heritage and indigenous varieties of plants; 
  • Accessible without a car; 
  • Well signposted for information and advice on ways to promote sustainability; 
  • ‘Start & stop’ drains to regulate the supply of water;
  • In the last 20 years we have planted around 6000 trees.

Reach us by bicycle or by using public transport, on your own or in a group. Our premises are accessible without a car.
Be respectful of the environment around you. If you produce waste, please ask us about the correct place to recycle it, or put it in a bag to take home with you!
Remember to take a bag out with you to collect your rubbish. If you smoke, please do not leave your cigarette butts on the ground – their filters are not biodegradable. Please carry a suitable container with you to collect any butts.
We adhere to all the regulations and recommended practices relating to Covid-19.

GROUPS from € 25 per person (2 nights) (VAT included)
FAMILY: from € 31 per person (2 nights) (VAT included)

Take a break

in natura o in un piccolo borgo, parti da solo o in gruppo e vieni a scoprire le nostre oasi di natura e rispetto.

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tutte le attività puntano alla sostenibilità e alla riduzione dell’impatto.

How to participate

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Things to keep in mind

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