Copia di Az. Agricola Agrosì 4
from 26,00  / per person

Home-made pasta workshop using local high-quality flours


All seasons


4 h (from 10 to 14)





Group Size

Up to min 15 max 40 persons


Vegetariani e vegani


Waste reduction Vegetarian cuisine Sustainable Agriculture Self-produced food and / or Km0 Recycling Plastic Free Ecological tableware Accessible by bike

The Esperience you'll live

A great way to grasp the spirit of Salento is ‘hands on’, in precisely the literal sense of the expression. In this workshop you will learn how to make typical Salento pasta – orecchiette or ‘sagne’ – with high quality, local, low-gluten flours. Once the pasta is made, you can use it as the base for local dishes following typical, traditional seasonal recipes. Alternatively, or as well the pasta, you can choose to prepare a local dessert. At the end of the day we’ll taste the dishes prepared together. (Not available during the middle week of August). Booking necessary, and according to availability.

At this experience you will find:

  • The use of compostable or re-usable crockery;
  • Self-produced and certified organic oil;
  • Local organic food;
  • The sorting of materials for recycling;
  • Organic waste separated for composting or use in the chicken coop;
  • Filtered and purified tap water for drinking;
  • Solar-powered electricity.

Reach us by bicycle or by using public transport, on your own or in a group. Our premises are accessible without a car.
Respect the quietness of the forest so as not to disturb the local fauna and so you can hear the sounds of nature around you.
Be respectful of the environment around you. If you produce waste, please ask us about the correct place to recycle it, or put it in a bag to take home with you! Remember to take a bag out with you to collect your rubbish.
If you smoke, please do not leave your cigarette butts on the ground – their filters are not biodegradable. Please carry a suitable container with you to collect any butts.
We adhere to all the regulations and recommended practices relating to Covid-19.

GROUPS from: € 22 per person (vat included)
FAMILY from: € 40 per person (vat included)

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in natura o in un piccolo borgo, parti da solo o in gruppo e vieni a scoprire le nostre oasi di natura e rispetto.

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tutte le attività puntano alla sostenibilità e alla riduzione dell’impatto.

How to participate

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Things to keep in mind

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